Our Experience

AAR Restoration offers the finest in Masonry & Concrete restoration, Grade Level & Below Grade Level Waterproofing, Resinous Flooring Systems and Air & Moisture Barrier Systems.

Masonry, Restoration and Waterproofing is a complex process, requiring the skills of a variety of craftsmen including cement masons, brick layers, stone masons, tuck pointers, sheet metal workers, painters and laborers.

Working as trusted team members with owners, architects and engineers, AAR Restoration’s superior craftsman will begin undoing the damage! Using advanced techniques, we can remove layers of hardened pollution without causing additional damage to the already fragile exterior details.

We are careful to remove just enough dirt, grease, and grime to restore the appearance of any facade, without destroying the natural character the building has acquired over the years.

AAR Restoration will supervise the installation of massive scaffolding and transportation system to provide access for the craftsmen and materials needed to restore any massive building from top to bottom. Our crew members have been amazed by the hand carved beauty and architectural detail displayed at the highest elevations points above street level.

Even if your building is in a serious state of disrepair, our superior craftsmen will carefully begin restoring deteriorated stone, then clean and repair the incredibly detailed stone work. The majority of the restoration can be done in place.

When necessary, large, decorative elements are removed and taken to an offsite studio, where additional specialists will repair or recast them. We improve the overall structural integrity while preserving the original beauty. All repairs are carefully blended with their surroundings to preserve and enhance the beauty of the original structure.


In terms of historical preservation, if “restored but not new” is the order of the day, AAR Restoration will answer the call!

Many projects require a wide range of restoration services. All work is completed with little or no disruption of business to the buildings and other surrounding establishments. We recognize that not every project is as comprehensive as the aforementioned renovation services, however we pride ourselves on delivering the same outstanding quality and service to every client on every job.



When the elements attack your building our superior waterproofing and restoration is your best line of defense. At American Architectural Restoration, AAR Restoration, Anthony Dragone Sr. and family utilize a wide range of advanced techniques to protect your structure. We have specially trained crews and pride ourselves on being a strong family owned company.

Waterproofing, (roof leaks, exterior leaks, structural damage, and more) is at the heart of our company. We are extremely proud of the expertise we’ve gained over the years.

For many people, waterproofing simply means getting the basement dry. At AAR Restoration, we realize that effective grade level and below grade waterproofing means a whole lot more.

Step one, in any basic waterproofing process, is to coat the foundation with a special mastic primer. This will seal the foundation and provide a strong substrate for the application of the waterproof membrane. The next step is the application of waterproof membrane sheets in an overlapping pattern. All seams must be smoothed out and sealed tight. Finally, a protective blanket is installed over the waterproof membrane to ensure that the sealed membrane will not be compromised by damage from backfill, heavy equipment or other workers. No matter how complex, all effective waterproofing projects follow this simple, basic procedure.

  • Seal = Mastic/Primer
  • Waterproof= Waterproof Membrane
  • Protect= Protective Blanket


AAR Restoration has successfully delivered excellent customer service in Masonry. We have worked on many projects including office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, retail space, medical and dental facilities, and shopping centers. Our family owned company and our masonry crew has been working for the past 40 years leading projects such as new construction, structure additions, masonry fireplaces, and brick and stone veneers and residential and commercial properties.

Our services include:

  • Traditional Brick
  • Retaining Walls
  • Commercial Properties
  • Brick & Block Construction
  • Custom Stone Work & Commercial Construction
  • Restoration

AAR offers a variety of services for custom stonework in the Tristate Area and other areas in the Northeast. We have also worked on schools, universities, daycare centers, libraries, office buildings, retail centers, apartment buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities as well as government facilities and churches. We are especially appreciative of our talented and hardworking staff of masonry specialists that have met and exceeded the expectation of all of their projects.


We get up before the sun- restoring water, fire, mold, storm and commercial losses. AAR is not afraid of a challenge, especially when it comes to restoring our churches. In one case, we restored a church where extensive fire damage took place. A complex scaffold was erected, ensuring that the bells could be heard for the next 100 years. That is what we do: fire and water cleanup restoration.

We do Interior Restoration. Whether it is a church pew or a statue, AAR Restoration will take the care and responsibility of restoring unique interior structures. We know your church or temple has a unique interior, and we are experts at restoration. In some cases, our specialists develop designs that stand the test of time to make your church or temple’s interior the longstanding sanctuary it once was.

Our deep comprehension in the use of structures, right tools and materials is the reason why our company is the best at exterior restoration of eccentric structures. Restoring historical buildings such as temples and churches require years of experience; we have over 40 years of experience that have proved our depth of understanding. With each restoration site that we complete, we are proud to say that we have greatly improved and extended the life of each church and continue to utilize the knowledge we gain at each site.

Our clients will agree, you will find the best craftsmen for furniture, pews, statues, and other fixtures at American Architectural Restoration. We pride ourselves on exceptional product quality. The combination of superior materials and expert craftsmanship make AAR the real deal. Our work creates long lasting beauty, strength and overall quality.